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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Fri Nov 15 03:08:24 PST 2002

 Hi, Cliff:
> > > For a simplicity of what I have in mind, per sang, I'd use Titus
> > > TrueType below:
> > > 1) #tt2png -<some-option(s)> tituscbz.ttf
> > > should produce a set of 7000+ (user-adjustable, framed) PNG files of
> > > sizes varying approximately in 60x100 pixels area (size depending on
> > > user-adjustable 4 corners of "x" base size, plus user-adjustable
> > > framewidths (for hinting/kerning/leading);
> Maybe you can get some mileage out of convert(1) (ImageMagick util).
> There is a hint of how to convert ttf2png at:
> http://studio.imagemagick.org/pipermail/magick-bugs/2002-February/000031.ht
>     (see also "Next message" link at bottom of page)
well, thank you for a good hint.... Looks promising, but in all fairness, I 
didn't like the words "almost able". You see, I talked to PfaEdit's George 
Williams a while ago on this very issue. He even made a new release of his 
fine type designer, this time capable of dumping the whole (TT) font into a 
set of PNGs.  Sounds good? Well, not enough. His converting routine and 
scripting language were incapable of preserving baseline, leadings, hints, 
kerns, or some other reference points of a given outline: PNG is too generic 
a format for that. His suggestion was to try BDF as originals, or consider 
producing  set of metrics tables together with a set of PNGs, for 
post-production adjustments. I don't know.... I'm just recutting bolds, 
finishing monospace, preparing to start cutting italics -- all by hand so 
far. Also, I sensed some doubt that "convert" could even preview TTF, let 
alone produce some practicable, clean PNGs of say, complex CJK glyphs (or 
even a "Cyrillic Letter ZHE" in that case...). Want to convince me that I'm 
too sceptic? Try and write convert-based script yourself, while I remain a 
simple feder-und-stichel cutter.
Besides, there is one aspiring genius rasterizer called Reinoud on this list. 
He seemed to me wishing to beat the terrible and magnificent Fontfusionist 
Sampo Kaasila,  with a product of his Reinoud's manufacture, per sang. Well, 
before that happens, it would be great that you two guys do a joint effort on 
ttf2png. I'd better stick to my stichel, meanwhile.

> Wrap your standard args in a sh script and call it tt2png.
We could call it Reinoud-Cunnington Algorithm (RCA, hehe...). Seriously 
enough, here in US there's a shitload of legal issues when using Apple hinter 
and a commercial TTF/Type1 font in a GPL(ed) distro. However, unless you use 
~3000x5000 grid, Links PNG rendition of a good non-free font might be a too 
laughable a joke, to constitute a case of copyright/patent infringement.

> Or is this too simple a solution? ;-)
like I said: dunno.


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