[links-list] Re: fonts fonts fonts .... why not draw them ?

Cliff Cunnington ccnix at ccnet.xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 15 01:43:06 PST 2002


* aludal <aludal at softhome.net> [2002-11-15 00:30:43 -0800]:

(big snip)

> > > > ... how about coding some neat standalone ttf2png convertor
> > > > instead? It would be of HUGE help to the project, as I'm
> > > > exhausted of cutting italics one by one....

(another snip)
> > For a simplicity of what I have in mind, per sang, I'd use Titus TrueType
> > below:
> > 1) #tt2png -<some-option(s)> tituscbz.ttf
> > should produce a set of 7000+ (user-adjustable, framed) PNG files of sizes
> > varying approximately in 60x100 pixels area (size depending on
> > user-adjustable 4 corners of "x" base size, plus user-adjustable
> > framewidths (for hinting/kerning/leading);

Maybe you can get some mileage out of convert(1) (ImageMagick util).

There is a hint of how to convert ttf2png at:

    (see also "Next message" link at bottom of page)

Wrap your standard args in a sh script and call it tt2png.

Or is this too simple a solution? ;-)



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