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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Fri Nov 15 00:30:43 PST 2002

Forgot couple things....
[way below]

> > On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 01:25:00PM -0800, aludal wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > > Dear links addicts,
> > >
> > > ...and you supposed to be clean of that dope, eh?
> >
> > LOL hehe no i am not clean on that ;)
> heh... I've got finally hooked on that sick puppy (links -g) about two
> month ago. Cutting fonts for it, since.

> > > Oh yeahh.... lots of them.
> > > 1. Before the Links authors agree to dump their own font renderer, and
> > > replace it with your wunderbaby, how about coding some neat standalone
> > > ttf2png convertor instead? It would be of HUGE help to the project, as
> > > I'm exhausted of cutting italics one by one....
> >
> > Good point; hmm... t1topng would be easier :-D ... say one that renders
> > chars and boxes them according to the fontmetrics?
> ....now we gettin' somewhere....

> For a simplicity of what I have in mind, per sang, I'd use Titus TrueType
> below:
> 1) #tt2png -<some-option(s)> tituscbz.ttf
> should produce a set of 7000+ (user-adjustable, framed) PNG files of sizes
> varying approximately in 60x100 pixels area (size depending on
> user-adjustable 4 corners of "x" base size, plus user-adjustable
> framewidths (for hinting/kerning/leading);
> 2) repeat the same with (user-adjustable, as another option)
> different/lower bitrate, as in bpp, to see a PNG size diminishes and
> outlines deteriorate.
Forgot a thing here. Take a closer look at Links rendering some Web page with 
Russian mixed with Latin: you'll see stock Latin Century Schoolbook  
characters have dark grey bodies whereas Cyrillic Century Bastard of my cut 
has them plain black. It's probably because people who cut Latins before me 
used something like Gimp for zooming in/out, stretching/scrinking and moving 
outlines in their cells. Just forgot to clean bodies after that surgery. Mine 
are cleaned because there were all handtooled. What I'd need either as an 
option of ttf2png, or post-ttf2png processing, is some smart-filtering doing 
exactly that type of cleaning but leaves smoothing grey "subpixels", or their 
bpp intact.
By the way, such tt2png+filter utility could be a great addition to the Links 
distribution: you get it with some basic default font, more or less Unicode, 
but if you want some additional support for say, Arabic, or Vedic, or Amhari, 
or even Klingon, cut your alphabet yourself from your favorite font. tt2png 
needs also to read, (or reassign, if a certain font is in locale) hex Unicode 
numbers as PNG names.

> AU
> --- Arbeit macht frei Softwaren, und unsere Rosie macht uns Hosie ---

P.S. Better Links mascot (="system font", of mere 5.7 KB) is in the 
attachment. It should look better on lo-res (~100 dpi) displays at normal 
Links "pointsizes" (18-20, or so)
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