[links-list] Small request and question.

Fenrirkun fenrirk at lily.freemail.ne.jp
Thu Nov 14 20:50:56 PST 2002

 Hello, this is my first post here :P
 I use links as my everyday browser, replacing Opera. There was something in Opera that made it
kinda useful, and it was an option to "load only cached images". That function disables image
loading if not requested (by right-click inside the image frame and choosing "load image"). That
was really nice to read pages with important text but filled with images, or to load only the
first images in a gallery with five hundred...I think you understand what I am trying to say.
 I would not request this if the "kill background connections" was more useful. It only kills connections
that do not belong to the current page, isn't it? So when I click on a link (Ah, I am using 2.1pre7),
the images keep loading (I am using a 33.6k modem. Don't tell me to buy a newer one, I can't.) and so
I have to wait until a 90% of the images are fully loaded before starting the loading of the new page.
 That makes low-connection users lose a lot of precious, unrecoverable time. And I think it shouldn't
be too hard to implement, please correct me if I am wrong with it...Adding it under the "misc options" so
it will be used only by the ones that need/want it (I think 56k users may find this useful too!).
 If not, a "normal" (thinking about other graphical browsers, like Mozilla, Opera, M$IE...) stop button
may be useful.
 Well, and there's a small question I want to ask you. When I load links under the linux terminal, using
the SVGAlib interface (links -g -mode 800x600x16M32) a mouse cursor appears, but it goes to the upper
left part of the screen as soon as I move it. I thought this was a gpm issue, but I configured gpm correctly
(at least a cute text cursor appears on the terminal, moving correctly). The mouse is one of these
G*nius netscroll + eye (the optical, ps/2 version). Any hint on this? 
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