[links-list] Re: fonts fonts fonts .... why not draw them ?

Reinoud buzztoh at 13thmonkey.org
Thu Nov 14 16:00:05 PST 2002

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 10:12:47PM +0000, Josef 'Jupp' Schugt wrote:
> * Reinoud <buzztoh at 13thmonkey.org> wrote:
> > I wrote a (soon to be released) fast Postscript compatible render
> > engine (with a GPL compatible licence)
> OSI approved?

Well its prolly gonna be the `Clearified Artistic Licence' and declared GPL 
compatible by GNU itself so most likely to be OSI approved as well.

> > Any ideas / comments ?
> You forgot to tell us about performance.

LOL! well euhm... how to tell; i can't give you a `so many chars/sec' just
for i haven't tried it ... and what font/size to test? at what sub-pixel
sampling depth? The latest tests i did on a 500 Mhz Alpha fontrendering was
pretty fast (no caching!). A quick test rendering the first 256 chars of
IBM's courier font (aprox. 200 defined) took about 7/100 of a sec or aprox.  
3650 chars/sec on the 21164a Alpha and aprox. 280 chars/sec on an
StrongARM at 200Mhz (with slow memory) due to lack of FPU :(.

These tests are done with 8x8 supersampled 30x30 pixel size chars plotten
from an IBM Courier T1 font definition.

Speed is offcource not important for offline rendering but rendering them
online even with a FPU less StrongARM its fine when you start caching

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