[links-list] Fonts.... grey background

aludal aludal at softhome.net
Wed Nov 13 22:30:50 PST 2002

Hi Karel,

As per now, Links defaults to bolds when stumbles on italics on a Web page, 

Suppose I designed an italic set of fonts, more or less compatible with 
Century-type romans Links uses now, how do I name its directory?
Something like /century_school-medium-italics-serif-vari , right? Or is there 
any such reference present in the code at all?

Once again: I want to change the default ("undefined") dirty grey background 
in Links to something nicer, if not user-adjustable just yet. Where in Links 
sources do I need to search, what a "keyword" do I need to look for a certain 
code line(s), so I can tweak it myself?

Cyrillic Monospace release will be ready tomorrow, where do you want me to 
send it?

Have a Budwar,
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