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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Mon Nov 11 15:25:20 PST 2002

В сообщении от 11 Ноябрь 2002 02:36 вы написали:
> Hi,
> > > Some size reduction can be achieved by using .bmp.bz2. Saves about
> > > 40 percent compared to PNGs while decompressing bz2 is about as fast
> > > as decompressing PNG. Plus: It is hard to find any software is not
> > > capable of writing BMPs.
> before you consider to use another format, it might make sense to
> convert the existing PNG files to 8bit grayscale. Some of them are
> saved as 8bit/color RGB and a few even have an alpha channel. I don't
> think this extra information is needed here.
I can't agree: for type rendering with arbitrary fore- and background colors a 
transparent outline smoothing (or AA with alpha blend) produces much better 
results at medium-to-small pointsizes/low resolutions, which, incidentally, 
is where the whole AA pain-in-the-ass is mostly needed. There's a lot of 
visual proofs to that on the Web. Naturally, on the platforms capable of less 
than 8 bit color and no alpha, it would be yes, excessive, and would take 
those special simplified PNG (and renderer) releases.
On the possible alternative font renderers: I only wish there in opensource 
realm could be anything approaching this:


Look there for fascinating FontFusion parameters: AA-capable font engine with 
less than 32 kbyte footprint, 13,854 Bitstream Unicode stroke characters in 
lossless-compressed 471 kbyte, 7800 Kanji in below 1 Mbyte. That's what I 
call amazing.

Meanwhile, Freetype2-Rosie macht uns Hosie... I needed a thorough Xft hack to 
apply (actually, replace my freetype2-2.1.3rc2), to just get me a decent look 
of my Goudy and Cheltenham in my Mozilla:



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