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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sun Nov 10 17:22:39 PST 2002

В сообщении от 10 Ноябрь 2002 16:18 вы написали:
> Hiya folks,
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 03:19:27PM -0800, aludal wrote:
> > > > good hinting capabilities over a wide range of screen resolutions
> > > > (unlike, say, M$ Times New Roman, Monotype, or Adobe Times, etc)
> > >
> > > I do not support any hinting as it would require ambedding a font
> > > interpreter into the browser. And font interpreter is too complicated
> > > thing to ever work reliably. Second, making a new PNG is easy (you just
> > > take GIMP). I don't know how to make new glyph in TT and existing fonts
> > > are usually copyright-burdened so they are useless.
> >
> > you don't need to support hinting, all I was saying is that conversion of
> > a (TT, Type1, and the like vector/curves) outline could be made with good
> > pixel grid fit (i.e., good hinting) or with a bad one.
> i made a fontrenderer myself recemtly and honestly hinting is only
> nessisary when your anti-aliasing is sloppy and with small pointtypes.. the
> pointtypes used in links are surely big enough not to be bothered with it
can your font renderer produce a (Links-embeddable) set of PNGs average 120x60 
pixels, fixed baseline, letters out of TT (M$, or Apple, or Monotype, or 
whatever), or out of Type1, or other PS, or bdf, as the last resort? We are 
all in dire need of that type of renderer here. Forget about hinting: when 
it's really needed to be taken into account then it's a different story about 
possible and vast Links market in lo-res PDAs, mobile phones, other similar 
crap. Project is not that mature yet.
> :)
> > On "easyness" of making a new PNG: are you telling me you drew all the
> > outlines of Century School BT (by the way, ITC, or Agfa/Lynotype
> > copyrighted, can't tell exactly which foundry as ~100by55 PNG files lost
> > that fine distinctions) right out of your head, on the blank field? I
> > somehow doubt it. And yes, using GIMP for this is easy, I agree. When you
> > want to produce one, or two, or even 200 PNGs, one by one.
> I think the script uses `ghostscript' for character generators and
> anti-aliasing.
generating out of what?? This is the real question, and ghostscript, or no 
ghostscript is of less, or no concern at this point.

> > capable of producing PNGs, one by one, out of TT font. As long as in your
> > work you haven't access to, and didn't use so called Master outlines of a
> > given font, but merely used their TT renditions, then retouched your
> > resulting PNGs  manually, it's not copyrighted font anymore. It's your
> > font now (BTW, you'd better remove that dir names like "century_school*"
> > from the Links releases unless you paid to ITC around $50K for use of
> > their copyrighted stuff in unlimited distributions.
> Hmm... not TT fonts but is Type1 good enough :) ?
good enough for what, exactly? for ripping glyph outlines?
> Cheers,
cheers to you and to your 'idle' fontrenderer, too. Join the party: contribute 
to the project some 100 thousand PNGs. Or less.

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