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Sun Nov 10 15:51:37 PST 2002

В сообщении от 10 Ноябрь 2002 13:00 вы написали:
> * On 2002-11-10 18:27
> * aludal <aludal at softhome.net> wrote:
> > klingon stays outside this bloated Links release.
> Klingons use the Klingon writing system [.....snip-snip] Use of ss in place
> of ß is perfectly acceptable. German
> speaking part of Switzerland actually doesn't use ß any more.
HUH?! I was kidding about Klingon: it was just to show the obvious: you'd need 
to have non-CJK Links, get it with PNGs made out of Titus Basic and with 6 or 
7 lesser font sets. But when you use Links in Japan, you'd better forget 
about reading Vedic Sanscrit, or Ogham, or even "Swiss" Klingon in the same 
Japanese release.
> > well, that would be beautiful, but remember there's no single
> > Links-readable font of that scope exist yet. When it become
> > available (as a set of ~50000 png files, I'm afraid) I wish I had a
> > machine with at least 2 Gig of RAM and P4 @4 GHz, to see Links
> > working fast enough.
> Some size reduction can be achieved by using .bmp.bz2. Saves about
> 40 percent compared to PNGs while decompressing bz2 is about as fast
> as decompressing PNG. Plus: It is hard to find any software is not
> capable of writing BMPs.
> For distribution purposes the source uncompressed BMPs are better
> because bzip2 is a block-sorting compressor that has better
> efficiency if it is supplied with large chunks of not-too-different
> data. So bzip2 on the tarball is more efficient than bzip2 on each
> single file.
yeah.... right, it would help a little bit. When downloading the complete 
Unicode-enabled Links release, that is.

> >> Using Kana only actually makes sense.
> [KAKASI stuff deleted.]
> > well, it sounds like a substitute to me, a substute for a real thing.
> Actually it isn't. Actually learing Japanese is very hard. One would
> typically start learning Hiragana and Katakana (Japanese children do
> that as well). A software that is capable of transforming Japanese
> web pages into Kana would be helpful for learners of Japanese because
> they can practice Japanese well before they know enough Kanji for
> ordinary texts. This means gaijin (people from outside Japan) as well
> as Japanese children... ;->
When I started my learning of Japanese about 30 years ago, my class did 
through kana's in a month. Or maybe 6 weeks, can't recall now. But yes, it 
took me 4 more years to graduate as a hon'yakushi (a professional text 
translator, and photochemistry lexicographer). For like 16 or 17 years 
thereafter I was a translator, teaching text translation, and I assure you 
that limiting Links to only kana support would lead you, or whatever 
children, to nowhere in understanding/reading real world Japanese (Web) 

> >>> Unsere Rosie macht uns Hosie, by that development.
> >
> > I'm a former Muscovite, a Californian now, never lived in any
> > "south" state for a prolonged time. Or did you mean ein suedliches
> > Bundesland?
> Bavaria to be more precise. The saying sounds as if it is a Bavarian
> (the 'south state' is an allusion, people from Bavaria are often hard
> to understand...)
LOL! I knew it! But it looks like our Czech parents of that "Rosie" (=Links) 
know Bavarian pretty well, at least in admitting there's a problem.

> >> DOS/Win? Don't yaw!
> >
> > any more symbols below 0401 missing, eh?
> You mean the 'DOS/Win? Don't yaw!"? 'yaw' means 'to deviate from the
> course' - it's a nautical term... Besides that it has a second
> meaning: Try reading it aloud :->
Ahhha! I don't talk much Russian these days, didn't get ya.... And it ain't 
sound right enough, either. My favorite is "Yellow-blue bus" <--American GIs 
of WWII era hoped to meet pretty Russian nurses on Elbe and Oder, or in 
Berlin in 1945. So, I was seriously asking about missing symbols below 0401, 
please check, I could add (I don't do italics now.... it's a huge work, and I 
need to clear some issues with Czech guys first)

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