[links-list] Re: font problem and fix

Karel Kulhavy clock at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Sun Nov 10 14:05:05 PST 2002

> good hinting capabilities over a wide range of screen resolutions (unlike, 
> say, M$ Times New Roman, Monotype, or Adobe Times, etc)

I do not support any hinting as it would require ambedding a font
interpreter into the browser. And font interpreter is too complicated
thing to ever work reliably. Second, making a new PNG is easy (you just
take GIMP). I don't know how to make new glyph in TT and existing fonts
are usually copyright-burdened so they are useless.

> of code, could it amount to the 'reverse-engineering' needed? I can't imagine 
> it could be very hard to code it as even UI option, but you guys having 
> better things to do like bugbusting, etc. But believe me, it's not only a 
> question of ugliness of dark grey background. The 'hardwired' antialiasing of 
> Links glyphs was designed against white background, so a big part of that 

I have been designing the antialiasing myself and assure you, it isn't
"designed against white background". It generates a resampled alpha mask
which is then used to combine foreground and background color.

There are no smoothing grey subpixels which mingle with whatever, it
works just as if you printed black letters on a gray paper with infinite
resolution and then took a picture of that with a digital camera.

> smoothing grey 'subpixels' mingles with the darkgrey background effectively 
> destroying font outlines in the result. You guys are talking about embedded 
> Links for 320x200 screens of PDA, mobiles, etc. This darkgrey background 
> problem would be much worse for those silly toys.

Wouldn't. You apparently don't understand what antialiasing is.

> So, my suggestions are:
> 1) it needs to be user-configurable;
> 2) for the web pages of 'white/light letters on dark/black background'-sort, 
> there should be user selectable option to inverse these to 'black letters on 
> white background'. This request stems from the fact that those AA subpixels 
> are not symmetrical, either, so readabilty suffers even more.

All pixels are symmetrical on the screen. I don't know what are you
talking about.

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