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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sun Nov 10 13:30:58 PST 2002

В сообщении от 10 Ноябрь 2002 07:54 вы написали:
> > font that I could use for, say, Unicode Titus, Cheltenham Italics?
> > Bitstream Cyberbit CJK? How did you get your Century School set done, I
> > wonder?
> Century School did not contain Central European accents, we had to add them
> by hand.
Titus Basic Cyberbit is very fine, professional serif oldstyle Dutch font 
(handtooled by Bitstream), free for linguists and pretty full in lower 
Unicode (no CJK though; good CJK could be taken out of Netscape's old 
Bitstream Cyberbit which I believe has the same Dutch-family compatible 
metrics. You can get either of those, or both from here:


BTW, all Cyberbit family of fonts has very open outlines capable of displaying 
good hinting capabilities over a wide range of screen resolutions (unlike, 
say, M$ Times New Roman, Monotype, or Adobe Times, etc)

> If your fonts contain already complete characters then no
> handiwork is necessary.
Well, my question (once again, sorry for that) was what app/automated 
routine/script did you use to cut a single (ttf, I suppose) Century 
Schoolbook font into hundreds of pngs, with more or less good leads and tails 
(or kerning) and with the baseline intact? PfaEdit's scripting can't do that, 
as it was confirmed to me by PfaEdit's author. All right, you can leave it as 
a work for yourselves (if it's such a secret ;-), then I could just send you 
fonts to process and I'm done.

> > Also, I didn't get an answer to my question: how could I change the
> > default (dark dirty grey) background on the Web pages like
> > www.mozilla.org to something much nicer, like hexadecimal fff9dc? Where
> > in your sources could I change that parameter?
> I looked into setup.h but can't find there anything like this. So it is
> probably hardcoded somewhere and you have to employ reverse-engineering
> here.
grrrrr.... By hardwired you meant there's no explicit statement of sort "set 
it DarkGrey as default, or when unspecified", right? How do you add that 
explicit statement to the code, then? Is it that hard, to add a (one, I 
believe) string of code with this explicit parameter? That ADDING a one line 
of code, could it amount to the 'reverse-engineering' needed? I can't imagine 
it could be very hard to code it as even UI option, but you guys having 
better things to do like bugbusting, etc. But believe me, it's not only a 
question of ugliness of dark grey background. The 'hardwired' antialiasing of 
Links glyphs was designed against white background, so a big part of that 
smoothing grey 'subpixels' mingles with the darkgrey background effectively 
destroying font outlines in the result. You guys are talking about embedded 
Links for 320x200 screens of PDA, mobiles, etc. This darkgrey background 
problem would be much worse for those silly toys.
So, my suggestions are:
1) it needs to be user-configurable;
2) for the web pages of 'white/light letters on dark/black background'-sort, 
there should be user selectable option to inverse these to 'black letters on 
white background'. This request stems from the fact that those AA subpixels 
are not symmetrical, either, so readabilty suffers even more.
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