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aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sun Nov 10 00:49:33 PST 2002

В сообщении от 10 Ноябрь 2002 00:14 вы написали:
> > > A sumo package could be provided for people who actually need all
> > > that stuff.
> >
> > well, that would be beautiful, but remember there's no single
> > Links-readable font of that scope exist yet. When it become available (as
> > a set of ~50000 png files, I'm afraid) I wish I had a machine with at
> > least 2 Gig of RAM and
> As the 50000 files are in the executable binary and are memory mapped by
> the kernel and subject to fast page thow-away and rereading from the
> disk (instead of swapping off and swapping on), and there is a LRU font
> cache, Links performance will hardly differ with 2000 PNG files or 50000
> PNG files.
Yeah, you're right... Font cache of ~100-120 MB could take care of the whole 
lot. My designer's Linux box with ~980 regular (TT, Type1, bdf) fonts and a 
dozen of very big Unicode and CJKV ones stuffs about 80 MB of RAM cache, and 
there's no slowdown on 512 MB RAM PIII 600 MHz machine.

Now suppose I'm ready to buy into the whole concept of embedding 8 basic 
Unicode fonts Links style, but it takes tremendous work to cut and retouch 
pngs, do you guys have some automatic procedure, to process a (real big ttf) 
font that I could use for, say, Unicode Titus, Cheltenham Italics? Bitstream 
Cyberbit CJK? How did you get your Century School set done, I wonder?

Also, I didn't get an answer to my question: how could I change the default 
(dark dirty grey) background on the Web pages like www.mozilla.org to 
something much nicer, like hexadecimal fff9dc? Where in your sources could I 
change that parameter?

> They are not loaded into memory. The only think you stuff up is your
> disk and in today's world of 100G disks, 50000 PNG's is not a problem.
I wish they would. Reading a disk while rendering a quite ordinary Japanese 
news Web page (2-3 typefaces, 4-5 pointsizes) was what I got rid of in 
Mozilla (ordering an oversized RAM cache.)
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