[links-list] Re: font problem and fix

Karel Kulhavy clock at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Sun Nov 10 00:14:24 PST 2002

> > A sumo package could be provided for people who actually need all
> > that stuff.
> well, that would be beautiful, but remember there's no single Links-readable 
> font of that scope exist yet. When it become available (as a set of ~50000 
> png files, I'm afraid) I wish I had a machine with at least 2 Gig of RAM and 

As the 50000 files are in the executable binary and are memory mapped by
the kernel and subject to fast page thow-away and rereading from the
disk (instead of swapping off and swapping on), and there is a LRU font
cache, Links performance will hardly differ with 2000 PNG files or 50000
PNG files.

They are not loaded into memory. The only think you stuff up is your
disk and in today's world of 100G disks, 50000 PNG's is not a problem.

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