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Josef 'Jupp' Schugt jupp at gmx.de
Sat Nov 9 13:09:31 PST 2002

* On 2002-11-09 20:17
* aludal <aludal at softhome.net> wrote:
>> Even after bzip2 the tar (that only contains the graphics I did
>> convert in their respective directories relative to
>> links-2.1pre7/graphics) is still more than 80 K.
> Oh yeah.... Imagine a more or less complete Unicode of pngs, to
> deal with: actually, 4 full sets of serifs (roman, bold, italics,
> bold italics) + 4 more of the same for sans with each set of ~7300
> glyphs, plus "serifed" and "sans" CJK etc., ~27000 glyphs in each.

It's CJKV as in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese ;-)

That would not be *that* complicated. IMHO standard links should not
contain *any* characters but ISO-8859 and Co. (all the simple
European alphabets).

We could then have ad-ons for what people actually need:

 - Kana (Hiragana and Katakana; this makes sense, see below).
 - Kanji
 - Chinese
 - Simplified Chinese
 - Hangul
 - whatever

A sumo package could be provided for people who actually need all
that stuff.

Using Kana only actually makes sense. Christian Garbs - mitch (AT)
cgarbs (DOT) de - did write 'japana', a Kanji translating proxy
written in Perl that uses 'Text::Kakasi' and the 'KAKASI' library.

It seems to be quite simple to make 'japana' produce furigana output
instead of Romaji. I'll report if that actually works. Otherwise I'll
try to write a proxy of my own using Ruby. License is no problem,
'japana', 'Text:Kakasi' and 'KAKASI' are all GPL 2.

> Unsere Rosie macht uns Hosie, by that development.

Whatever that is intended to mean (could be some south state
dialecti ;-).

DOS/Win? Don't yaw!

Josef 'Jupp' Schugt
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