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David Mediavilla r96x6a79yki40001 at sneakemail.com
Sat Nov 9 15:05:21 PST 2002

aludal escribió:

> > > macht uns Hosie, by that development. Time to switch to xft/freetype2
> > > support, really.
> >
> > It doesn't work on
> > OS/2 PMShell
> I thought the percentage of those who use this half-OS was not just close to
> zero, but almost negative what kind of rasterizer do these guys use?

	I seem to remember that, in the almost negative percentage of those
that use Links, Mikulas, at least, uses OS/2 (he recently left a port of
GCC 3.0 in Hobbes). The OS/2 version doesn't use the font mechanisms in
PM. If I understand it right, Links 2 converts characters and pictures
to enormous bitmaps, applies its magic to resize them down and
compensate for gamma and subpixel addressing and puts the resulting
bitmap within the client area of a Presentation Manager window.
	OS/2 4  PM can use bitmap fonts in its format, Truetype and Type 1. The
Truetype renderer was considered bad, though later fixpacks improve it.
There is another renderer based in Freetype 1.something (which I use).
These renderers are not used by Links 2, as I said. The FreeType 2 port
is not used outside of generation of bitmaps for, say, web applications,
because Presentation Manager doesn't support antialiasing, AFAIK, and it
may never support it since IBM is not very interested in future
development. Scitech could give its paying customers a surprise, though.

	One of the effects of this situation is that cutting text doesn't work
in the graphic mode of Links 2. To the operating system, the window
content is just a bitmap. But, if Links is in text mode within a VIO
window. rectangles of text can be selected and cut.
	But, if I understand the Links implementors, switching to another
renderer would mean losing the advanced capabilities of the builtin

> BTW, why
> not supporting a BeOS, OS X/Darwin, QNX?

	It seems that the people at cuni.cz don't use these platforms. And,
since Links is quite cathedralic and users of these platforms (and
Windows!) don't provide patches,... If you are interested in a port to
these other systems, you will have to do it yourself, I'm afraid.

> AU

	David Mediavilla Ezquibela
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