[links-list] Re: Cookies in links

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters miciah at myrealbox.com
Mon Nov 4 13:21:35 PST 2002

On 20021104 10:06:36, root <martian202002 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>    I intend to add persistent cookies

ELinks already has this.  Neener!^WMaybe you could borrow some code.

>                                       and possibly a cookie manager
> in links.

If this were ELinks, and if you were thinking of per-domain cookie
policies, then I would suggest that you for support in the hierarchical
options code.

BTW, I've wondered how pasky plans to do that.  Right now, an option is
just set, not in an explicit 'global' or 'default' context.  Will there
be a new 'set' keyword for setting options in the context of particular
domains, eg. 'set_domain "foo.com" option = value'? Only pasky, if any
one, can tell...

And I'm OT.  I always do that.

 -- Miciah <miciah at myrealbox.com>
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