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>* On 2002-11-04 12:53
>* aludal <aludal at softhome.net> wrote:
>> Prosit!
>"Pros(i)t!" is what one would says immediately before a full glass of
>Vodka suddenly becomes an empty one. (a gourmet wouldn't say that if
>he drinks a good wine). Outside of that context it is used in terms
>like "Na dann mal prost (Mahlzeit!)".
>An administrator that is told migration from an S/390 to a cluster of
>ordinary PCs running Windows XP might utter:
>"The S/390 will be removed thursday next week? Na dann mal pros(i)t
>(Mahlzeit!)" - "Pros(i)t  can have quite negative implications.

Especially "Prost", which means "stupid" in Romanian.
Let's stick to Prosit and alcoholic context, and we'll be safe :-)
Cheers !

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