[links-list] Re: Links 2.0pre6 - Cyrillic :-(

Martin Pergel mper7437 at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Mon Nov 4 02:43:53 PST 2002


On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, aludal wrote:

> > > ÷ ÓĎĎÂÝĹÎÉÉ ĎÔ 3 îĎŃÂŇŘ 2002 17:16 ×Ů ÎÁĐÉÓÁĚÉ:
> > > > No El, no U, no De, no Zhe, no short I in links -g - neither small
> > > > nor capital ones!
> > >
> > > I have a complete Russian Cyrillic set (working on full Cyrillic set
> > > right now, and on "bolds".... wish they'd have italics on Links...)
> >
> > Great! I'm looking forward to it.
> So, it makes two of us. Not more yet, as I didn't hear a word from Czech Links
> authors.

     I'd like to reply to you, but charsets are (Clock && Brain)'s
problem. As we wrote it several times: Pictures of font-letters MUST be
apx. 120x60 pts, if somebody send them to Brain I don't know why he should
obstruct it.  Finally I'd like to remark, that lots of letters are
hand-made, so if the problem is, that there are some letters unsupported
yet, the reason might be, that we aren't sure how they should look like.
There are some problems, which might seem strange to you, but we don't
respond, because we know, that it isn't problem of Links (like Jupp
complained to letter-substitution, it couldn't be problem of Links,
because UNICODE is only one, there was no letter-restriction and
the only letter substitution supported by Links turns up in text mode).

     So if you send some new letter-characters to us and obtain no
response, please notify me and I'll try to inquire what happened.
Sometimes there are some trivial problems in patches recognizable by eyes,
e. g. that the code couldn't work on big-endian, or assumes that pointer
is 32-bit or (belive it or not) there exist people who don't know, that
it's prohibited to divide by zero, because on PC-Linux with SVGAlib it's
(against to specification of SIGFPE) fixed somehow. There is a lot of
problems around us and sometimes we simply forget to tell something
because of low time, or (more often) we identify with oppinion of some of
you, and because specially my oppinions often cause flamewar, I try to
listen more than write, because I think that sometimes less is more. If
you want, I may proclamate, that I'm looking forward to any new characters
in Links. B-)

     Have a nice day

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