[links-list] Re: I'm in DirectFB-enhanced Links 2.1pre4 now... at last

Sven Neumann sven at convergence.de
Fri Nov 1 18:32:47 PST 2002


aludal <aludal at softhome.net> writes:

> > as I've already explained to you, there is no way for a links graphics
> > driver to know when to change cursors. Unless the core sends some sort
> > of notification I can not add this feature to the DirectFB driver.
> Somehow I doubt it. Links shows a link URL in the bottom status line
> while cursor hovering over that link. Which means core sends that
> "on-hover" notification, even adding the complete URL to it. I don't
> talk about adding a bubble with URL when "on-hover" (which would be
> nice, too), all I talk about is changing the cursor on intercepting
> the same signal.

I have no reason to tell you lies, so you better believe me or read
the code yourself. The core might change the status bar but it still
doesn't tell the graphics driver when the mouse is over a link or not.

Why am I wasting my time discussing this with you anyway...

  Annoyed, Sven

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