[links-list] Re: I'm in DirectFB-enhanced Links 2.1pre4 now... at last

aludal aludal at softhome.net
Fri Nov 1 18:25:20 PST 2002

В сообщении от 1 Ноябрь 2002 17:54 вы написали:
> Hi,
> aludal <aludal at softhome.net> writes:
> > > you are looking at a full-screen window. In the README that comes with
> > > DirectFB-0.9.14 you can learn how to use the builtin window manager.
> >
> > nope. What I meant, was that window manager won't work with my
> > mouse-keyboard gestures. And possibly with underlying X of different
> > resolution.
> there's no underlying X involved here. If you start links -g -driver
> directfb from X11 we switch to a new virtual terminal and execute
> links there. I have no idea what mouse-keyboard gestures you are
> talking about.
I talked about all that "drag-pressShift|Ctrl|Altnow CapsLock" (I don't have 
"Windows" key in my classic IBM Metal buckle-spring AT keyboard) DFB window 
manager controls, as per your README.
> > > > b) how do I change keyboard layout to what I use: Ctrl-Shift to
> > > > switch to Cyrillic?
> > >
> > > DirectFB uses the kernel keyboard translation table that you can load
> > > using loadkeys.
> >
> > and hidden details of this operation, please? How do I do it? And
> > why, for Christ sake? What's wrong with whatever keymap/keytable is
> > already loaded?
> that's exactly what we do, we use the keymap the kernel loaded for the
> console keyboard. What do you mean by "Ctrl-Shift to switch..."? Is
> this a feature of your X11 desktop?
Yes, and it works in my consoles, too. Now, as it seems, there's something 
else hooked on that Ctrl-Shift combo. Or, as no window control works, nothing 
at all.

> > > > c) where's that alpha-blending toy? Wish I knew what I need that one
> > > > for, though...
> >
> > yeah... mousedrag-press Alt won't work, need probably to put all
> > that VESA-compatible crap where it belongs and refine my native
> > 2048x1536 instead.
> you used your Window-key (or Caps-Lock) when you tried this? Your
> display resolution is definitely unrelated here.
I used CapsLock, I used "Drag & press Alt (or CapsLock now) to resize the 
focused window" --- nothing works. What is, say, in plain Deutsch, you were 
trying to tell by that "Drag & press Alt..." anyway? Was it meant 
"Right-click the mouse button, hold it while pressing 
Alt|CapsLock|Ctrl|whatever, and then drag?

> > Look. How about making that nice 3D-shaded pointer of yours glowing
> > when it hits a clickable link? Links guys have experienced
> > tremendous difficulties to underline clickable links on pages, or
> > just switch cursor form to "finger".  How about making your cursor
> > glowing instead?
> as I've already explained to you, there is no way for a links graphics
> driver to know when to change cursors. Unless the core sends some sort
> of notification I can not add this feature to the DirectFB driver.
Somehow I doubt it. Links shows a link URL in the bottom status line while 
cursor hovering over that link. Which means core sends that "on-hover" 
notification, even adding the complete URL to it. I don't talk about adding a 
bubble with URL when "on-hover" (which would be nice, too), all I talk about
is changing the cursor on intercepting the same signal.

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