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Sam 15 Mar 17:09:23 PDT 2014

Author: myou72
Date: 2014-03-16 01:09:23 +0100 (Sun, 16 Mar 2014)
New Revision: 5852


Deleted: trunk/blfs/A_MODIFIER.txt
--- trunk/blfs/A_MODIFIER.txt	2014-03-15 22:33:29 UTC (rev 5851)
+++ trunk/blfs/A_MODIFIER.txt	2014-03-16 00:09:23 UTC (rev 5852)
@@ -1,197 +0,0 @@
-./multimedia/videoutils/transcode.xml:42:prints information about the input file format.
-./multimedia/videoutils/transcode.xml:45:performs several measurements on the given input data.
-./multimedia/videoutils/transcode.xml:170:    d'utiliser des options passées au script to the <command>configure</command>.
-./multimedia/videoutils/ffmpeg.xml:407:          <para>is the <application>FFmpeg</application> post processing
-./multimedia/videoutils/ffmpeg.xml:431:          <para>is the <application>FFmpeg</application> image rescaling
-./multimedia/videoutils/mplayer.xml:293: we are already root ; almost everything in the skin is a graphic
-./multimedia/videoutils/dvb-apps.xml:102:    (list of)    External firmware blobs to build into the kernel binary
-./multimedia/videoutils/dvb-apps.xml:159:      disable compiling the static libraries.
-./multimedia/libdriv/speex.xml:155:          <para>est une bibliothèque de synthese vocale qui fonctionne avec le codec
-./multimedia/libdriv/gst-plugins-base.xml:145:    <para>If you did not rebuild the API documentation by passing
-./multimedia/libdriv/gst-plugins-base.xml:146:    <option>-enable-gtk-doc</option> to the <command>configure</command>
-./multimedia/libdriv/gst-plugins-base.xml:147:    script et you wish to install the pre-built documentation, issue the
-./multimedia/libdriv/libao.xml:37:    Synthesizer et PulseAudio (architecture de son
-./multimedia/libdriv/faac.xml:131:     697 in frontend/main.c as of FAAC-1.26) or fixes the documentation
-./multimedia/libdriv/faac.xml:132:     so that it doesn't mention the disabled option. -->
-./multimedia/libdriv/taglib.xml:163:          <para>provides functions for the ID3v1/v2 tag editing
-./multimedia/libdriv/taglib.xml:164:          programs as well as other external programs et libraries.</para>
-./multimedia/libdriv/flac.xml:11:  <!ENTITY flac-buildsize     "205 Mio (includes running the test suite)">
-./multimedia/libdriv/flac.xml:12:  <!ENTITY flac-time          "0.6 SBU (additional 8 SBU to run the test suite)">
-./multimedia/libdriv/libmusicbrainz.xml:81:    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Facultatives to Build the Python
-./multimedia/libdriv/alsa-tools.xml:11:  <!ENTITY alsa-tools-buildsize     "14-17 Mio depending on the tool being built">
-./multimedia/libdriv/alsa-tools.xml:12:  <!ENTITY alsa-tools-time          "0.1-0.5 SBU depending on the tool being built">
-./multimedia/libdriv/alsa-tools.xml:95:    de référence pour le programme <command>dither_test</command>.</para>
-./multimedia/libdriv/alsa-plugins.xml:16:  Editors: please examine the output from the configure command to see if
-./multimedia/libdriv/alsa-plugins.xml:17:  there are any new dependencies. There has been a bunch of work on the
-./multimedia/libdriv/alsa-plugins.xml:18:  plugins the last couple of releases, et that trend may continue.
-./multimedia/libdriv/libvpx.xml:10:  <!ENTITY libvpx-buildsize     "15 Mio (without the documentation)">
-./multimedia/libdriv/xine-lib.xml:12:  <!ENTITY xine-lib-buildsize     "119 Mio (without the API documentation)">
-./multimedia/audioutils/vorbistools.xml:65:    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Facultatives (required to build the
-./multimedia/audioutils/vorbistools.xml:117:    <para><command>autoconf</command>> :nbsp;: This command is used to regenerate the
-./multimedia/audioutils/vorbistools.xml:119:    patch modifies the <filename>configure.ac</filename> file.</para> -->
-./multimedia/audioutils/vorbistools.xml:126:    ensures that the man pages are installed under
-./multimedia/audioutils/amarok.xml:101:    the following </para>
-./multimedia/audioutils/amarok.xml:120:    parameter uses <command>kde-config</command> to establish the prefix of
-./multimedia/audioutils/amarok.xml:122:    <application>amarok</application> to the same value.</para>
-./multimedia/audioutils/amarok.xml:164:          <para>is the <application>amarok</application> audio player</para>
-./multimedia/audioutils/freetts.xml:215:    -text "This is a test of the FreeTTS speech synthesis system"</userinput></screen>
-./multimedia/audioutils/freetts.xml:222:    -text "This is a test of the FreeTTS speech synthesis system"</userinput></screen>
-./gnome/deprecated/libgnomeui.xml:118:    other than <filename class='directory'>/usr</filename>.</para>-->
-./gnome/deprecated/libgnome.xml:144:        <seg>libgnome-2.{so,a} et the libmoniker_extra_2.{so,a} (bonobo
-./gnome/core/metacity.xml:42:Now, as the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user:
-./gnome/core/libzeitgeist.xml:35:      library used to access et manage the Zeitgeist event log from
-./gnome/core/libzeitgeist.xml:37:      the user's activities et events (files opened, websites visited,
-./gnome/core/libzeitgeist.xml:38:      conversations hold with other people, etc.) et makes the relevant
-./gnome/core/libzeitgeist.xml:39:      information available to other applications. 
-./gnome/core/libzeitgeist.xml:155:            contains the <application>libzeitgeist</application> API functions.
-./gnome/core/gnome-settings-daemon.xml:35:    et the applications that run under it.</para>
-./gnome/core/libsecret.xml:34:      GObject based library for accessing the Secret Service API.
-./gnome/core/libsecret.xml:92:    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional (Requis pour the testsuite)</bridgehead>
-./gnome/core/libsecret.xml:136:      not installed the recommended dependency of
-./gnome/core/libsecret.xml:186:            contains the <application>libsecret</application> API functions.
-./gnome/core/folks.xml:219:          <para>contains Tracker-specific implementations of the libfolks
-./gnome/core/gnome-panel.xml:67:      <xref linkend="libgweather"/>,
-./gnome/core/gnome-applets.xml:36:      small applications which generally run in the background et display
-./gnome/core/gnome-applets.xml:37:      their output to the <application>GNOME Panel</application>.
-./gnome/core/gnome-applets.xml:113:      running the following commands:
-./gnome/core/gnome-applets.xml:138:      parameter causes the libexec files to be installed in the preferred
-./gnome/core/gtkhtml.xml:160:            provides the functions used to render HTML within applications.
-./gnome/core/accountsservice.xml:35:      user account information et an implementation of these interfaces based on
-./gnome/core/accountsservice.xml:36:      the usermod(8), useradd(8) et userdel(8) commands.
-./gnome/core/accountsservice.xml:127:      parameter causes the libexec files to be installed in the preferred location
-./gnome/core/accountsservice.xml:169:            is the <application>AccountsService</application> daemon.
-./gnome/core/accountsservice.xml:181:            contains the <application>AccountsService</application> API functions.
-./gnome/core/nautilus-sendto.xml:35:      The <application>Nautilus Sendto</application> package provides the
-./gnome/core/nautilus-sendto.xml:109:      the following commands:
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:34:      filesystem designed to work with the I/O abstractions of GLib's GIO
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:170:            prints a file to standard output using the virtual 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:171:            file system to access the file via a URI.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:183:            copies a file from one URI location to another using 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:184:            the virtual file system.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:197:            the virtual file system.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:209:            executes <command>less</command> using the VFS as 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:211:            by any of the <application>Gvfs</application> backends.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:223:            lists the content of directories using the virtual file 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:237:            the virtual file system.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:249:            monitors the change content of a directory using 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:250:            the virtual file system.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:262:            monitors the change of a file using the virtual file 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:275:            mounts, unmounts et lists file systems using the 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:288:            moves a file from one URI location to another using 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:289:            the virtual file system.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:301:            opens an URI using the appropiate application.
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:313:            changes the name of a file or directory using the 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:326:            removes a directory entry using the virtual file 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:339:            saves information to a file using the virtual 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:352:            moves a directory entry to the trash using the 
-./gnome/core/gvfs.xml:366:            using the virtual file system.
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:19:    tool stack in the current SVN book is not compatible with this version
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:20:    of GNOME. If you want to build GNOME using these instructions, you should
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:21:    follow the stable BLFS 6.2.0 book (<ulink url="../stable/gnome/gnome.html"/>),
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:23:    using the versions of the packages listed there. The BLFS development team
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:24:    is working as hard as possible to bring the book up to GNOME-2.18.x.</para>
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:30:  applications included in this book. The order of the pages follows the build
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:31:  order defined by the GNOME development team et documented in the <ulink
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:82:  only those libraries in the GNOME 1.4 chapter
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:84:  pages, whether labeled or not. GNOME packages without pages in the book are
-./gnome/gnome-intro.xml:102:  the GNOME 1.4 hint located at <ulink url="&hints-root;"/> if you have no
-./gnome/applications/evolution.xml:72:      <xref linkend="libgweather"/> and
-./gnome/applications/gnome-games.xml:230:          <para>est un jeu de "ver". Vous pilotez un ver dans un labyrinthe en
-./gnome/applications/evince.xml:100:      <xref linkend="texlive"/> (required to build the DVI viewer).
-./pst/typesetting/jadetex.xml:242:      <para><filename>jadetex.dtx</filename> in the
-./pst/xml/docbook-xsl.xml:177:      found. Create the link by issuing the following command as the
-./pst/sgml/opensp.xml:159:        <seg>onsgmls, osgmlnorm, ospam, ospcat, ospent, osx, et the
-./pst/sgml/opensp.xml:162:        <seg>libosp.so et the <application>SP</application> equivalent symlink:
-./pst/sgml/openjade.xml:184:        <seg>openjade et the <application>Jade</application> equivalent symlink,
-./pst/sgml/openjade.xml:186:        <seg>libogrove.so, libospgrove.so, libostyle.so, et the
-./pst/sgml/docbook-dsssl.xml:8:         is usually right before the root user installation commands. Please
-./pst/sgml/docbook-dsssl.xml:9:         delete these 12 (including one blank) lines after you are done.-->
-./pst/sgml/docbook-dsssl.xml:12:         delete the line that is not applicable. Of course, if the
-./pst/sgml/docbook-dsssl.xml:13:         test suite uses syntax other than "make check", revise the
-./pst/sgml/docbook-dsssl.xml:14:         line to reflect the actual syntax to run the test suite -->
-./pst/printing/gutenprint.xml:70:    so that we can use gutenprint's driver to print photos there -->
-./pst/printing/gutenprint.xml:107:    the package - I suppose you could sed the tests/Makefile to only run 'curve',
-./pst/printing/gutenprint.xml:108:    and perhaps 'run-testdither', it's 'run-weavetest' which takes most of the time -->
-./pst/printing/gutenprint.xml:148:    will be built. Useful if the PPD files are not yet translated into your
-./pst/printing/gs.xml:232:    version of openjpeg. I'll come back to this, it seems the ghostscript
-./pst/printing/cups.xml:100:      (optionaly used during the test suites) -->et
-./pst/printing/cups.xml:136:Enable support for either UHCI or OHCI, not both:
-./pst/printing/cups.xml:695:            contient les fonctions de l'API de the <application>Cups</application>.
-./server/other/openldap.xml:11:  <!ENTITY openldap-time          "3.8 SBU and approximately 35 minutes to run the tests (processor independent)">
-./server/mail/exim.xml:16:       update a version entity. It appears that the "id" strings in some of
-./server/mail/exim.xml:17:       the URLs below change between versions. And I don't think this can
-./server/mail/postfix.xml:263:         the host to be specifically setup for the tests.
-./server/databases/postgresql.xml:12:  <!ENTITY postgresql-buildsize     "174 Mio (additional 143 Mio to run the testsuite)">
-./server/databases/postgresql.xml:13:  <!ENTITY postgresql-time          "1.0 SBU (additional 0.1 SBU to run the testsuite)">
-./server/databases/postgresql.xml:102:    <para>If you intend to regenerate the html documentation, issue the
-./server/databases/mysql.xml:10:  <!ENTITY mysql-buildsize     "930 Mio (additional 170 Mio to run the test suite)">
-./server/databases/db.xml:130:        if <application>JDK</application>-6 Update X and the
-./server/databases/db.xml:143:<screen><userinput>uudecode="no" ../dist/configure - -(use the parameters shown below)</userinput></screen>
-./server/major/bind.xml:14:  run the complete test suite)">
-./server/major/bind.xml:77:    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Facultatives (to run the test suite)</bridgehead>
-./server/major/bind.xml:254:<screen role="root"><?dbfo keep-together="auto"?><userinput>cat >> /srv/named/etc/named.conf << "EOF"
-./server/major/bind.xml:286:                                          // the working directory
-./server/major/bind.xml:289:                                          // if the server is started
-./server/major/bind.xml:290:                                          // with the '-f' option.
-./server/major/bind.xml:291:      severity dynamic;                   // log at the server's
-./server/major/bind.xml:364:      Consultez le the <ulink url="http://www.bind9.net/Bv9ARM.html">BIND 9
-./server/major/proftpd.xml:168:<screen role="root"><?dbfo keep-together="auto"?><userinput>cat > /etc/proftpd.conf << "EOF"
-./x/wm/other-wms.xml:8:<sect1 id="other-wms" xreflabel="Other Window Managers">
-./x/wm/openbox.xml:80:      <xref linkend="imlib2"/> (to enable icons in the right click menu).
-./x/wm/openbox.xml:236:# make an array which lists the pictures:
-./x/wm/openbox.xml:238:# create a random integer between 0 and the number of pictures:
-./x/wm/openbox.xml:240:# display the chosen picture:
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:32:    <para><application>IceWM</application> is a window manager with the goals of
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:33:    speed, simplicity, et not getting in the user's way.</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:105:    this fixes the build with recent versions of <application>binutils</application>.
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:109:    this fixes the build with current <application>libX11</application>.</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:125:      if you have not copied them to <filename class="directory">~/.icewm</filename>.
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:153:      <para>If <application>IceWM</application> is the only Window Manager
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:164:      <para>Now create the <application>IceWM</application> configuration
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:174:      <para>You can now edit these files to meet your requirements. In particular,
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:175:      review the <filename>preferences</filename> file. You can use
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:176:      <command>Logout -> Restart-IceWM</command> on the main menu to load your
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:177:      changed preferences, but changes to the background only take effect when
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:180:      <para>The syntax of the menus is explained in the help files, which you
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:181:      can access by running <command>help</command> from the menu, but some of
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:182:      the detail is out of date et the default selections in the menus (a few
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:183:      old applications on the main menu, everything else on the
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:186:      about how you wish to organise your menus. Please note the following:</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:190:          <para>If a program listed in the menu has not been installed, it will
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:191:          not appear when the menu is displayed. Similarly, if the program
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:192:          exists but the specified icon does not, no icon will be displayed in the
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:196:          <para>The icons can be either <filename>.xpm</filename> or
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:197:          <filename>.png</filename> files, et there is no need to specify the
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:198:          extension. If the icon is located in the "library"
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:199:          (<filename class="directory">/usr/share/icewm/icons</filename>) there is
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:200:          no need to specifiy the path.</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:203:          <para>Most programs are in sub-menus, et the main menu will always append
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:204:          entries for <literal>windows, help, settings, logout</literal> at the
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:208:          <para>An icon for <application>firefox</application> was copied to the
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:218:      <para>It is unlikely that these examples meet your desires, but if you wish
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:219:      to use them run the following </para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:250:      do that you will no longer be able to access the menu by right-clicking on the
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:251:      desktop, you will have to use the <application>IceWM</application> button. To
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:252:      ensure that the <application>rox</application> pinboard is running, the
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:253:      following commands will put it in the startup file:</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:273:          <para>Ctrl + Alt + Space : open a box on the taskbar where you can
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:274:          key in the name of an application et run it.</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:307:          <para>is used to display the html manual.</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:328:          <para>is the window manager.</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:349:          <para>is a script to set the <application>GNOME</application> to
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:361:          <para>is used to set the background, according to the various
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:362:          <literal>DesktopBackground</literal> settings in the preferences.</para>
-./x/wm/icewm.xml:382:          <para>provides the tray.</para>
-./x/installing/xorg7.xml:110:done 2>&1 | tee -a ../xorg-${section}-compile.log #log the entire loop</screen>
-./x/installing/twm.xml:82:    <para>Now, as the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>
-./x/installing/x7proto.xml:10:     the source directories after installation, the xorg buildsizes are
-./x/installing/x7proto.xml:11:     determined by the sum of all package source tarballs, the size of
-./x/installing/x7proto.xml:12:     installà files, and the size of the largest package's build
-./x/installing/xorg-config.xml:40:    <sect2 role="configuration" id='checking-dri' xreflabel="Checking the DRI installation">
-./x/installing/x7server.xml:148:        <seg>/var/lib/xkb et the following subdirectories of
-./x/installing/xinit.xml:82:    <para>Now, as the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>
-./x/lib/webkitgtk.xml:163:      To test the results, issue: <command>make check</command> (you must be in
-./x/lib/pango.xml:130:      <filename>~/.pangorc</filename> et the le fichier spécifié dans la variable
-./x/lib/clutter.xml:93:    <xref linkend="xmlto"/>, et either
-./x/lib/gtk+2.xml:192:      <ulink url="http://gnome-look.org/">Gnome-Look.org</ulink> and other

Modified: trunk/blfs/multimedia/videoutils/ffmpeg.xml
--- trunk/blfs/multimedia/videoutils/ffmpeg.xml	2014-03-15 22:33:29 UTC (rev 5851)
+++ trunk/blfs/multimedia/videoutils/ffmpeg.xml	2014-03-16 00:09:23 UTC (rev 5852)
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
       <ulink url="http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/libcdio/">libcdio</ulink>,
       <ulink url="http://sourceforge.net/projects/libdc1394">libdc1394</ulink>,
       <ulink url="http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/flite/">Flite</ulink>,
-      <ulink url="http:///www.quut.com/gsm/">GSM</ulink>,
+      <ulink url="http://www.quut.com/gsm/">GSM</ulink>,
       <ulink url="https://ieee1394.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Libraries">libiec61883</ulink>,
       <ulink url="https://github.com/dekkers/libilbc">libilbc</ulink>,
       <ulink url="http://sourceforge.net/projects/modplug-xmms/">libmodplug</ulink>,

Deleted: trunk/blfs/verif.detail
--- trunk/blfs/verif.detail	2014-03-15 22:33:29 UTC (rev 5851)
+++ trunk/blfs/verif.detail	2014-03-16 00:09:23 UTC (rev 5852)
@@ -1,9 +0,0 @@
-balise </para> : -1
-balise </varlistentry : -1
-balise <application : 1
-balise </application : 1
-balise <command : 1
-balise </command : 1

Deleted: trunk/blfs/verif.lst
--- trunk/blfs/verif.lst	2014-03-15 22:33:29 UTC (rev 5851)
+++ trunk/blfs/verif.lst	2014-03-16 00:09:23 UTC (rev 5852)
@@ -1,3 +0,0 @@
-./networking/netprogs/samba.xml : différence du nombre de balises (fr-en)= -1
-./xsoft/office/gnumeric.xml : différence du nombre de balises (fr-en)= -1
-./general/prog/subversion.xml : différence du nombre de balises (fr-en)= 4

Deleted: trunk/blfs/xmlerreurs.txt

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