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Dim 16 Fév 13:52:53 PST 2014

Author: myou72
Date: 2014-02-16 22:52:53 +0100 (Sun, 16 Feb 2014)
New Revision: 5661

[BLFS-EN] r12703.txt

Modified: trunk/blfs/pst/typesetting/texlive.xml
--- trunk/blfs/pst/typesetting/texlive.xml	2014-02-16 21:50:41 UTC (rev 5660)
+++ trunk/blfs/pst/typesetting/texlive.xml	2014-02-16 21:52:53 UTC (rev 5661)
@@ -3,8 +3,6 @@
    "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.5/docbookx.dtd" [
   <!ENTITY % general-entities SYSTEM "../../general.ent">
-  <!ENTITY texlive-year                "2013">
-  <!ENTITY texlive-installer           "http://mirror.ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet/install-tl-unx.tar.gz">
   <!ENTITY texlive-source-download-http " ">
   <!ENTITY texlive-source-download-ftp  "ftp://tug.org/texlive/historic/&texlive-year;/texlive-&texlive-version;-source.tar.xz">
   <!ENTITY texlive-source-md5sum        "f52599c99fb1035399b907f4c54f1125">
@@ -148,12 +146,7 @@
       <userinput>--disable-xdvipdfmx</userinput> à la commande configure.</para>
-<userinput>./configure --prefix=/usr                  \
-            --disable-native-texlive-build \
-            --enable-build-in-source-tree  \
-            --without-luatex               \
-            --enable-mktextex-default      \
-            --with-banner-add=" - BLFS"    &&
+<userinput>./configure --prefix=/usr                              --disable-native-texlive-build             --enable-build-in-source-tree              --without-luatex                           --enable-mktextex-default                  --with-banner-add=" - BLFS"    &&
      <para>Pour tester les résultats, lancez : <command>make -k check</command>.</para>
@@ -168,7 +161,7 @@
     destination selon votre installation.  En tant qu'utilisateur
     <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> :</para>
-<userinput>find texlive-tmp/usr/bin -type f -exec cp -v {} /opt/texlive/2013/bin/x86_64-linux \;</userinput>
+<userinput>find texlive-tmp/usr/bin -type f -exec cp -v {} /opt/texlive/2013/bin/x86_64-linux ;</userinput>
     <note><para>Si vous avez passé l'option <option>--enable-shared</option> à
     la commande configure, les deux bibliothèques, libkpathsea.so, libptexenc.so

Added: trunk/blfs/traduc/commits/r12703.txt
--- trunk/blfs/traduc/commits/r12703.txt	                        (rev 0)
+++ trunk/blfs/traduc/commits/r12703.txt	2014-02-16 21:52:53 UTC (rev 5661)
@@ -0,0 +1,210 @@
+Révision 12703
+fichiers modifiés :
+   introduction/welcome/changelog.xml
+   general.ent
+   pst/typesetting/typesetting.xml
+   pst/typesetting/texlive.xml
+Log :
+Separate the TeX Live binary installer, and the details of setting up the PATHs, to its own page.
+Le robot a traité 12 % du commit anglais
+Index: general.ent
+--- general.ent	(révision 12702)
++++ general.ent	(révision 12703)
+@@ -881,4 +881,7 @@
+ <!-- Chapter 47 -->
+ <!ENTITY texlive-version              "20130530">
++<!-- the year is used when setting up PATHs in the tl-installer
++ page, as well as to reference the directory in texlive -->
++<!ENTITY texlive-year                 "2013">
+Index: introduction/welcome/changelog.xml
+--- introduction/welcome/changelog.xml	(révision 12702)
++++ introduction/welcome/changelog.xml	(révision 12703)
+@@ -48,6 +48,11 @@
+       <para>February 13th, 2014</para>
+       <itemizedlist>
+         <listitem>
++          <para>[ken] - move the TeX Live binary installer, together with its
++          runtime dependencies and details of setting up PATHs, to a separate
++          page.</para>
++        </listitem>
++        <listitem>
+           <para>[fernando] - Update to ImageMagick-6.8.8-5. Fixes
+           <ulink url="&blfs-ticket-root;4683">#4683</ulink>.</para>
+         </listitem>
+Index: pst/typesetting/texlive.xml
+--- pst/typesetting/texlive.xml	(révision 12702)
++++ pst/typesetting/texlive.xml	(révision 12703)
+@@ -31,13 +28,11 @@
+   </indexterm>
+   <sect2 role="package">
+-<title>Introduction to TeX Live</title>
++    <title>Introduction to TeX Live from source</title>
+-<para>The <application>TeX Live</application> package is a comprehensive
+-TeX document production system.  It includes TEX, LaTeX2e, ConTEXt,
+-Metafont, MetaPost, BibTeX and many other programs; an extensive collection
+-of macros, fonts and documentation; and support for typesetting in many
+-different scripts from around the world.</para>
++    <para>A binary version of the <application>TeX Live</application> package
++    is installed at <xref linkend="tl-installer"/>. Here, we use that to rebuild
++    the compiled programs from source.</para>
+     &lfs74_checked;
+@@ -63,35 +58,34 @@
+       </listitem>
+     </itemizedlist>
+-<bridgehead renderas="sect3">Additional Downloads</bridgehead>
+-<itemizedlist spacing="compact">
+-<para>The TeX Live installer: <ulink url="&texlive-installer;"/></para>
+     <bridgehead renderas="sect3">TeX Live Dependencies</bridgehead>
+-<bridgehead renderas="sect4">Recommended (to build from source)</bridgehead>
++    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Recommended</bridgehead>
+     <para role="recommended">
++      <xref linkend="freeglut"/> (for asy),
++      <xref linkend="gs"/>,
++      <xref linkend="x-window-system"/>
++    </para>
++    <para>
+       The source ships with its own versions of <emphasis>many</emphasis>
+       libraries, and will use them unless it is forced to use the system
+-<xref linkend="gs"/>,
++      versions.  The following are recommended so that the system version
++      will be used:
+       <xref linkend="icu"/>,
+       <xref linkend="freetype2"/>,
+       <xref linkend="fontconfig"/>,
+@@     @@
+      <xref linkend="poppler"/>
+     </para>
+-<bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional (to build from source)</bridgehead>
++    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional</bridgehead>
+     <para role="optional">
+-The source ships with its own versions of these libraries, which are either
++      <ulink url="http://www.fftw.org/">FFTW</ulink> can be used by asy.
++    </para>
++    <para>
++      The source ships with its own versions of several libraries which are either
+       not under active development, or only used for limited functionality.  If
+       you install these, as with some other optional dependencies in this book you
+       will need to tell <command>configure</command> to use the system versions.
+@@ -102,10 +96,10 @@
+       <ulink url="http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&id=TECkitDownloads">TECkit</ulink>
+     </para>
+-<bridgehead renderas="sect4">Runtime dependencies if building from source</bridgehead>
++    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Runtime dependencies</bridgehead>
+     <para role="recommended">
+-not yet adequate to rebuild this),
+-<xref linkend="tk"/> for ep2pdftk.
++      Some (re-installed) scripts will use
++      <xref linkend="ruby"/> and <xref linkend="tk"/> is used by epspdftk.
+     </para>
+     <para condition="html" role="usernotes">User Notes:
+@@ -116,68 +110,16 @@
+   <sect2 role="installation">
+     <title>Installation of TeX Live</title>
+-<para>The <application>TeX Live</application> set of programs with its
+-supporting documents, fonts, and utilities is very large.  The upstream
+-maintainers recommend placing all files in a single directory structure.
+-BLFS recommends <filename class='directory'>/opt/texlive</filename>.</para>
++    <para>These instructions will overwrite the corresponding files from the
++    binary installer.  As with the installer, change x86_64-linux to whatever
++    matches your architecture.</para>
+-<para>First, unpack the installer and change into the installer's
+-directory, <filename class='directory'>install-tl-<CCYYMMDD></filename>.
+-This directory name changes frequently when the installer is updated,
+-so replace <CCYYMMDD> by the correct directory name.</para>
+-<screen><userinput>tar -xf install-tl-unx.tar.gz &&
+-cd install-tl-<CCYYMMDD> </userinput></screen>
+-<note><para>The distribution binaries installed below use static linking
+-for internal <application>TeX Live</application> libraries.  Additional
+-libraries as specified in the dependencies section do not need to be
+-present during the install, but the programs that need them will not run
+-until their specific dependencies are installed.</para></note>
+-<para>Now, as the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>
+-<screen><userinput role="root">TEXLIVE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/texlive ./install-tl</userinput></screen>
+-<para>This command is interactive and allows selection or modification of
+-platform, packages, directories, and other options.  The full installation
+-scheme will require about 3.5 gigabytes of disk space.  The time to complete
+-the download will depend on your internet connection speed and the
+-number of packages selected.</para>
+-<para>After the package download is complete, the next step is to make sure
+-that the system can properly find the files.  If you set up your login
+-scripts as recommended in <xref linkend='postlfs-config-profile'/>, update
+-the needed paths by appending to the <filename>extrapaths.sh</filename> script.
+-The programs are always installed in an <ARCH>-linux subdirectory.  If
+-you are not using x86_64, <emphasis>always</emphasis> change that to your
+-actual installation location.</para>
+-<screen><userinput role="root">cat >> /etc/profile.d/extrapaths.sh << "EOF"
+-pathappend /usr/share/man                        MANPATH
+-pathappend /opt/texlive/&texlive-year;/texmf-dist/doc/man  MANPATH
+-pathappend /usr/share/info                       INFOPATH
+-pathappend /opt/texlive/&texlive-year;/texmf-dist/doc/info INFOPATH
+-pathappend /opt/texlive/&texlive-year;/bin/x86_64-linux
+-<note><para>The standard MANPATH and INFOPATH path are specified above to
+-ensure they are included.  If they are already set in the boot script
+-procedure, the pathappend function will ensure duplicates are
+-removed, so including them here will do no harm.</para></note>
+-<para>The new paths can be immediately activated by running <command>source
+-<para>At this point the binary installation is complete.</para>
+     <para>Please note that installing from source will recompile the binary
+     programs and recreate the <literal>man</literal> and <literal>info</literal>
+     files.  It will also overwrite the scripts - some of these may be older
+     versions than those from the newer installer.  It will <emphasis>not</emphasis>
+     recreate any of the following: the more than 200 symlinks in the
+-<ARCH>-linux directory (some are alternate names, many are pointers to
++    x86_64-linux directory (some are alternate names, many are pointers to
+     the scripts), html files, PDF files, licenses, README files, two config
+     files (<filename>texmf.cnf</filename> and <filename>texmfcnf.lua</filename>),
+     nor the many package and font files in
+@@ -190,12 +132,6 @@
+     <application>asy</application> and <application>xindy</application> which were
+     installed by the binary installer.</para> <!-- FIXME -->
+-<para>  If building from
+-source is desired, continue as a normal user.  Extract the source package as
+-usual.  Again, change x86_64-linux to whatever matches your architecture.
+-The developers do not recommend building in the source directory, so enter
+-the following commands:</para>
+ <screen><userinput>mkdir texlive-build &&
+ cd texlive-build    &&
+Index: pst/typesetting/typesetting.xml
+--- pst/typesetting/typesetting.xml	(révision 12702)
++++ pst/typesetting/typesetting.xml	(révision 12703)
+@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
+   <para>This chapter includes applications that create output equivalent to
+   typesetting.</para>
++  <xi:include xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude" href="tl-installer.xml"/>
+   <xi:include xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude" href="texlive.xml"/>
+ </chapter>

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