[lfs-fr] [BLFS-EN] r10130

Robot myou72 at orange.fr
Mar 8 Mai 10:32:11 PDT 2012

Révision 10130

fichiers modifiés :

Log :
Libpng is not required to build Cairo

Le robot a traité 0 % du commit anglais.

Index: x/lib/cairo.xml
--- x/lib/cairo.xml	(revision 10129)
+++ x/lib/cairo.xml	(revision 10130)
@@ -98,14 +98,17 @@
     {bridgehead renderas="sect4"}Required{/bridgehead}
     {para role="required"}
-      {xref linkend="libpng"/}, {!-- I would not dare not to use this one --}
       {xref linkend="pixman"/} and 
       {xref linkend="pkgconfig"/}.
     {bridgehead renderas="sect4"}Recommended (Required if building GTK+){/bridgehead}
     {para role="recommended"}
-      {xref linkend="fontconfig"/} and
+      {xref linkend="fontconfig"/},
+      {xref linkend="libpng"/} (if you want to build
+      {application}Cairo{/application} without {application}Libpng{/application}
+      you will need to add --disable-png --disable-svg to the configure options
+      and remove --enable-tee) and
       {xref linkend="xorg7-lib"/}.

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