[lfs-support] Unwanted restart of the computer - booting problems

Kuba kuba at kadziolka.net
Sun Sep 24 04:16:31 PDT 2017

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 11:48:00AM +0200, David Brandl wrote:
> Am 2017-09-24 11:31, schrieb Kuba:
> > I think something has gone wrong, unless you are talking about an empty
> > line, which wouldn't catch my attention
> > I'm sorry, I posted an image.
> > The red line, which got my attention was:
> > Unrecoverable failure in required component org.gnome.shell.desktop
> It's pretty hard to say what is wrong when you only see "Unrecoverable
> error". Is anything related above or below this line?
> - Kuba
> I´m sorry - here a link to a picture of the mentioned line(s):
> http://download.davidb.at/20170923_221834.jpg

My first guess is that some file called org/gnome/shell/ui/messageTray
got corrupted by the unexpected reboot. Since you haven't even started
chapter 5, I'd just start from scratch. Alternatively, try to reinstall
the gnome-shell package, if it exists.

- Kuba
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