[lfs-support] Console adjustment

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sat Sep 23 23:41:24 PDT 2017

> > 
> > Maybe change the video mode on the kernel command line if using KMS. 
> > Append something like video=1024x768-24 at 60m, for instance, to the 
> > grub.conf. The first four values and separators should be obvious, the m 
> > adds margins. See Documentation/fb/modedb.txt for complete documentation.
> > 
> > --DJ
> > 
> Thanks, that looks very interesting.  Never would've found it.  It's a
> different box, but I'll be firing it up soon and play around with those
> numbers.

I did so, including rebuilding the kernel a few times.  This is a 1GHz
VIA C7 (low power Pentium 3 equivalent) with an OpenChrome video
chipset.  (kernel rebuilds "take a while".)  I discovered the
openchrome-0.3.x driver produced a green film onscreen, backleveling to
0.2.906 got rid of it.  But as the kernel doc says, "BTW, only a few fb
drivers use this at the moment. Others are to follow (feel free to send
patches). The DRM drivers also support this."  Nothing I did could
resolve this problem, and OpenChrome support interest being what it is,
I don't expect resolution.  Guess I can use an xterm for something

Thanks for the suggestion though.  It looked good.

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