[lfs-support] ALFS: glibc-2.26, pass-1 fails

Pol Vangheluwe pol.vangheluwe at icloud.com
Sat Sep 23 12:00:42 PDT 2017

> Op 22 sep. 2017, om 22:27 heeft Pierre Labastie <pierre.labastie at neuf.fr> het volgende geschreven:
> There are a number of options, which are not in the vanilla book (target_alias, --no-create,...). Do you use a customized version of the book? I guess it is necessary for ppc. I wonder what you have for replacing  the instructions on the gcc page starting with "for file in gcc/config/{linux,i386/linux{,64}}.h". I guess there might be files mentioning ppc in gcc/config, which are not touched by the instructions in the vanilla book. I think the issue is there…

I use the standard book.  The “for” construction of section 5.5.1 was indeed one of my suspects, but, as I am not at all familiar with the internals of gcc, I didn’t explore this deeper.  I now took a look in gcc/config and there are indeed a lot of CPU types mentioned (even m68k and pdp11!) but no ppc.  My best guess is rs6000.

I remember vaguely that I had the same problem wit LFS-7.2, But I don’t remember how I went around it.  The host distribution then was Ubuntu.

> Op 22 sep. 2017, om 21:53 heeft Michael Shell <list1 at michaelshell.org> het volgende geschreven:
> From
> https://techoverflow.net/2013/02/28/how-to-fix-cannot-find-crt1-o-on-ubuntu/
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40233088/ld-cannot-find-crt1-o-no-such-file-or-directory
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7934642/cross-compile-cannot-find-crt1-o
> Try putting the libary path in $LIBRARY_PATH:
> LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/build_dir/tools/lib:$LIBRARY_PATH
> or just for make
> LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/build_dir/tools/lib make
> also, you can try setting --sysroot= in CFLAGS during the build:
> CFLAGS=“--sysroot=/mnt/build_dir/tools" make

A googled a while before posting this problem but didn’t find anything directly related to LFS, so I maybe overlooked some useful hints.
I’ll try your suggestion.

> Op 22 sep. 2017, om 21:37 heeft Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:
> Programs working and failing randomly really point to HW problems. Depending on the exact model, PPC G4s go back to 1999.
> You should be able to build with 2G RAM+3G swap, so that is probably not the issue.

It is strange: my machine never segfaults, expect when building LFS and especially when compiling gcc or glibc in pass-1.  I had the same problem with earlier builds.
My G4 is a “Mirrored Drive Doors 2003”.  I like building LFS on an old Apple computer; I was a bit shocked when Apple dropped the powerpc for Intel.  I had of course to follow and there are now 2 Intel iMacs at home.  Glad that an iMac has no sticker “Intel inside” …

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