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>> > Can you please help in resolving this problem? I have tried checking C
>> > source and 'h' files but could not make out the problem.
>> Perhaps this will help:
>> cap_init is defined in /usr/include/sys/capability.h and that should have
>> been installed as a part of LFS in the libcap package.
>> Thank you for the quick response. I have already checked
> /usr/include/sys/capability.h okay. I have recompiled Libcap and other
> sources but the problem remains. Someone has mentioned in Google that he
> had experienced exactly the same problem while compiling for Slackware
> (Ref.:
> http://superuser.com/questions/797748/how-can-i-get-wine-to-support-outputting-to-pulseaudio-through-alsa-compatibility)
> and claimed to have solved it by compiling 32 bit Libcap and Gconf.
> Initially I compiled LFS in 32 bit Fedora 20 and am now compiling the rest
> after installing LXDE (and other WMs) as per BLFS book.
> I have installed VLC, mPlayer, Firefox and other packages and I can solve
> the audio problem only after making Pulseaudio work, as I believe. BTW,
> this is the first time I am experiencing such a problem since other times I
> corrected the mistakes myself by following the excellent book. Also, this
> mail is being sent from the Firefox installed yesterday!
> Thanks again.
The problem with the Libcap was solved by my friend who noticed that the
link I had made was pointing to the folder instead of the file. It was
corrected and ldconfig did not throw any error. Also, the Pulseaudio-8.0
which was compiled earlier '--without-caps' option was recompiled without
any error. The Linux kernel was also recompiled to get sound working. Now,
I have:
1. Firefox 2. Seamonkey 3. Gimp 4. Mplayer 5. ePDFViewer 6. MuPDF  7.
Abiwod 8. Libreoffice 9. Alsamixer 10. PNMixer 11. File Managers (3 types)
12. GParted 13. Zenmap 14. SSH 15. Rsync 16. Fuse 17. Window Managers
(IceWM, Openbox, Fluxbox, Sawfish and LXDE) etc. I can connect pen drives
and external HDDs for file transfers. These packages are sufficient for
day-today computing. The browsers play YouTube video and audio very well.
I have some TODOs as follows:
1.  Make Sane / xSane to work with HP MFD 1200 series and recompile VLC
which requires a good amount of efforts.
2.  Try Initramfs
3.  Trim the present build or make a new one and  create an installer in a
flash drive with its capacity exceeding that of a DVD disc using Squashfs
to create awareness especially among the engineering students with the help
of my friend who is in constant with engineering and arts colleges. The
idea is to popularize LFS and its excellent books written after huge
efforts.  He is at present distributing customized Linux in a flash drive
of 32GB capacity.
4.  A Live CD containing required packages for building LFS.
Thanks again.
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