[lfs-support] Error while compilating GCC (6.1.0) Pass 1

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun May 22 11:38:04 PDT 2016

Patrick Roncagliolo wrote:
> Yes, I was following the wrong instructions... or, better, I was following
> the latest stable LFS book (systemd version) using the latest packages
> available, and ignoring the fact that the SVN version of LFS already
> provides the correct configure script options for version 6.1.0.
> Again, for those who will read this post in future, the parameter to add to
> gcc5 pass1 configuration in order to successfully build GCC 6.1.0 Pass 1 is
> "--disable-libmpx".

Generally the best approach for using files more recent than the latest 
LFS stable release is to use the development version of the book.  It is 
updated fairly often, usually 2-3 times/month.  The systemd version often 
lags the sysv version, but there are no significant differences up through 
Chapter 5 and very few for later chapters.

   -- Bruce

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