[lfs-support] LFS 7.9 6.66. Texinfo-6.1 configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-static

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon May 2 10:37:01 PDT 2016

Support wrote:
> Ah, thanks Bruce for your time, effort and the excellent detail !
> I'll try to look over the config and see if I can find where that gets
> called
> so maybe I can learn to do that myself ;)
> This is my first time here and I have to say you "guys" are awesome.
> You not only provide detailed and targeted timely responses but give
> the detail so that one can learn from the experience.
> P.S. Might a note in the book regarding this warning be helpful or
> maybe something else?

Please do not top post on this list.

There is a bullet point in "General Compilation Instructions":

"During the compilation of most packages, there will be several warnings 
that scroll by on the screen. These are normal and can safely be ignored. 
These warnings are as they appear—warnings about deprecated, but not 
invalid, use of the C or C++ syntax. C standards change fairly often, and 
some packages still use the older standard. This is not a problem, but 
does prompt the warning."

That goes for configure too.

   -- Bruce

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