[lfs-support] Is it possible to boot kernel without installing sysvinit?

ssmtpmailtesting ssmtpmailtesting ssmtpmailtesting at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 18:46:05 PST 2016

linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.7.2 init=/bin/bash

To add init=/bin/bash do I need to install sysvinit? Is there any relation
with init=/bin/bash with sysvinit?

And if I omit init=/bin/bash the system is freezed, can't do anything from
there. Is init=/bin/bash necessary?

But linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.7.2 init=/bin/bash works fine for now.

NOTE: I've removed/uninstalled lfs-bootscripts and /etc/inittab
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