[lfs-support] Is the style of kernel booting message correct?

Michele Bucca michele.bucca at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 23:48:15 PST 2016

Il 31 dic 2016 7:29 AM, "ssmtpmailtesting ssmtpmailtesting" <
ssmtpmailtesting at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> After booting the kernel successfully, the init scripts start running.
Everything works well.
> I see messages like this:
> * Starting network                       [ok]
> * Starting other service                [ok]
> The [ok] is at the right side.
> Is this the correct style of message? Is this style set by sysvinit? Or
is it set by lfs bootscripts? Or is it set by kernel by default?

I did not arrive to that point but I think it should be fine.

> I think, debian system has systemd instead of sysvinit. When I boot
debian system I see the style in this way:
> [OK] Started network
> [OK] Started other service
> The [OK] is at the left side.
> Which program sets the style of these messages? One sets [OK] at left and
another sets [ok] at right.

It does not matter where the [OK] is.
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