[lfs-support] Stuck at 2,7 mounting the new partition

David themanintherain at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 00:59:53 PST 2016

En 19 de diciembre de 2016 11:54:31 p. m. Paul Rogers 
<paulgrogers at fastmail.fm> escribió:

>> I try to do *mkdir -pv $LFS* it says *"permission denied". *So I
>> decided to do it where I have some read-write permissions. If I stick
>> strictly to the book, I would be stuck even before since *sudo* is not
>> stated on the book, at least in these commands, I don't know if
>> further. So, what I can guess from all your answers is to stick
>> strictly to the book and in some cases type *sudo* before the command
>> if needed, right?? Doing this is the only way I can think of getting
>> past this point. Go on typing *sudo* when required by permissions or
>> whatever, althought it isn't said so on the book. Am I wrong?
> No, that is right.  I don't mean to be rude or insensitive--I still
> remember being a relative newbie to *nix looking up at "mountain" I
> wanted to climb.  The thing is, doing a Linux/GNU system from scratch
> isn't a job for newbies.  I played around with a RHL-6.1 Publisher's
> Edition for a year "to get myself in shape for the climb."  There is a
> certain level of experience to be expected--after all, we're playing
> down in the guts of the system!  "Stuff happens!"  It's not unreasonable
> for the book to expect the "user" to know mount, and others, are
> priveleged commands.  sudo isn't required!  IMO, if one expects to
> install LFS, one should be able to use the root account, and do so
> safely.  I've never installed sudo on any of my systems.
> That said, 1) LFS user support is second to none!  (I've asked questions
> in other support forums where nobody responds.)  2) Once one has learned
> intermediate level sysadmin skills, installing and configuring a (B)LFS
> system is a great escalator up the mountain.
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Oh ok. I will take note. I am nothing but grateful to all of you, who take 
your time to help us to improve.
Anyways, I have gone past the 2.7 and I think we could all forget this if 
you don't mind.
I would like to recall my first message, in which bottom I simply asked if 
using sudo will have any impact further in the book and I have already been 
answered enough.

Thanks again to all of you, really.

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