[lfs-support] Stuck at 2,7 mounting the new partition

RafaƂ -rsm- Marek rsm at lisper.pl
Sun Dec 18 14:22:48 PST 2016


On 18.12.2016 22:33, David D wrote:
> So, what I can guess from all your answers is to stick strictly to the
> book and in some cases type /sudo/ before the command if needed, right??
> Doing this is the only way I can think of getting past this point. Go on
> typing /sudo/ when required by permissions or whatever, althought it
> isn't said so on the book. Am I wrong?

oh, yes, "sudo su -" may be command you are looking for, if you can't 
simply login as root on your distro.
when in doubt and book says you need root privileges, "whoami" will tell 
you if you have them. "whoami", not "sudo whoami".


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