[lfs-support] Problem with building GMP 6.1.1 on LFS 7.9: C++ compiler not available.

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 25 16:44:25 PDT 2016

On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 06:02:53PM -0400, Sutter, Benjamin wrote:
> Hello. I'm having trouble building GMP 6.1.1 in Chapter 6 of LFS 7.9 . Yes,
> this is my first LFS build, but I know my fair share of Linux. I'm
> currently in the chroot and have built and followed everything up to 6.14
> without failure. Now, I'm getting a message when I execute the configure
> script as specified in 6.14. The last five lines of my configure output
> (the seemingly significant ones) are as follows:
> checking whether we are using the GNU C++ compiler... yes
> checking whether g++ accepts -g... yes
> checking C++ compiler g++ -O2 -pedantic -fomit-frame-pointer -m64
> -mtune=sandybridge -march=sandybridge... no, program does not run
> checking C++ compiler g++ -g -O2... no, program does not run
> configure: error: C++ compiler not available, see config.log for details
> What I can gather from this is that g++ is installed (and it is in the
> right directory) and it can be run (I've tried), but it can't use those
> options, even though I have run it with those on a dummy.c and it works
> fine. Does anyone know anything about this?

The details of the error will be in 'config.log'.

Before that, there will also be many other tests and typically a lot
of those have failed (that is normal).  So you need to look at the
last two failures in that file.

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