[lfs-support] Building LFS on Arch with gcc 6 installed

primegonzola prime.gonzola at outlook.com
Thu Aug 18 03:47:07 PDT 2016


Pretty new to linux and even more to LFS, so not sure if this is the 
right channel to report this.

Building LFS on latest Arch gives an failure in building the gcc5 
package as Arch is having gcc6 installed during the building of the 
toolchain. It took me a while to realize what the problem was and even 
more what the solution was.

Just found out there is a patch available allowing to use gcc6 
compiling gcc5. See 
for more details

Applying the patch makes the compilation work again, not being able to 
test the full LFS steps after that but working on it.

Hope it helps people out.

keep up the great work!

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