[lfs-support] SOLVED Invalid instruction compiling kernel

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 2 11:45:51 PDT 2016

OK, that kernel compile on the Tualatin completed successfully (at 1AM!)
and the kernel booted successfully.

What I did produced: -march=i686 -mtune=i686
gnu --host-system-type=i686-pc-linux.gnu, which relies on the compiler's
equivalence of i686 and pentiumpro.  But it doesn't meddle with the
source code.

As promised, I did try Ken's suggestion of replacing the
config.{guess,sub} with the configfsf.{guess,sub}.  His solution does
virtually the same thing: -march=pentiumpro -mtune=pentiumpro
gnu --host-system-type=pentiumpro-pc-linux.gnu.

Both solutions work.  If I'd used "pentiumpro" instead of "i686", the
only difference would have been the build-system-type, which seems
irrelevant to the final product.  Which to choose may be put to personal
preference, but one of them (or something similar) is necessary if the
compiler is intended to ever run on a "less capable" CPU.

gmp is the problem and must be fixed, but just replacing it is

And now I'm sure both my latest previous versions of LFS have the same
bug and must be fixed.

Paul Rogers
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