[lfs-support] Can't Mount Root Filesystem

Richard Melville richard.melville69 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 18 05:11:48 PDT 2015

>  You say that you've "checked all the relevant /etc and /boot files, and
> they seem OK", but it looks to me that the kernel panic is resulting from
> the rootfs being listed in the wrong place.
> I've certainly had that error in the past, so I've checked it quite a
> bit.  When I boot with the LFS 6.3 LiveCD, it comes up as /dev/sda2, or
> (8,2).  I can mount this partition from the LiveCD system, look at the
> files, etc.
> So my working hypothesis is that the rootfs is in the wrong place
> (specifically, nowhere), because the kernel isn't recognising the hardware
> on which it resides.

Yes, that's the other option, and you did say that you have new hardware.
So, maybe, a kernel driver issue.

> But the debugging is a bit difficult when you can't even get a shell
> going, and all these messages screech past my on the screen, too fast to
> read, with no apparent way to capture them.

You can capture them if you wish.  Here's a link http://is.gd/yrl1Mc you
may find useful.

>   Regarding your .config file: the best way to capture the kernel .config
> of a running system, and to load it into your new kernel, is to run zcat
> /proc/config.gz > linux-x.x.x/.config, providing, of course, that the
> running kernel has been set up to save a copy of .config to /proc.
> There is a /proc/config.gz file when I boot from the LiveCD, so I'll try
> this.  But I can't do it now, so I'll have to see how it is tomorrow.

 Don't run make mrproper after loading .config or it will just blitz it.

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