[lfs-support] Can't Mount Root Filesystem

Роберт Киммель robert.l.kimmel at live.ru
Wed Mar 18 01:11:37 PDT 2015

Greetings All,

I've been building LFS systems on and off for more than a decade, but
I've been struggling with this one for a while now.

I have my 7.6 system installed, and when I boot, it seems like the
kernel loads, and everything goes as it should for a while.  But, when
it comes time to remount the root file system (which is the one where
the kernel was in the first place), it can't find it, kernel panic.

I've checked all the relevant /etc and /boot files, and they seem OK, so
I suspect this is a matter of some kernel setting which is needed for
this particular hard disk, but which is not set properly.  All my
previous LFS systems were on what I'll call more "consumer" grade
hardware, but this one is a more up-market server platform.  So I think
probably I need to enable some option, some hardware driver, which I
never needed before.  However, I have tried a bunch of things, and
nothing works so far.

My LFS 6.3 LiveCD boots on the same hardware no problem, and I can mount
the hard disk Linux partition, and do all the things one would normally
do to a hard disk, no problem.  So my thought was, maybe I can start
with the LFS 6.3 kernel settings, do a "make oldconfig" or something
similar on the kernel used in 7.6, and see if I can get the 7.6 system
to work that way.

But I can't find the kernel settings for the LiveCD.  Are they on the CD

Also, if anyone can think of a way to approach this problem which is
different than the one I'm pursuing, I'd appreciate any advice.

Many thanks.



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