[lfs-support] error: /dev/sdc: No medium found

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 19:56:40 PDT 2015

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Since yesterday, tying to go on starting BLFS and updating what I could
> in the way.
> But this error has to be fixed.
> Found several references in the web but not solution, most with sdb, not
> sdc. Most are related to systemd or udev, it has hit Ubuntu, and I think
> it is related to something in eudev.
> It has to be fixed, because at the login prompt and after, it keeps
> inserting messages:
> "error opening USB device 'descriptors' file".
> Don't think has to do with static libraries, but if I don't find a
> solution until tomorrow, will dump this system and start an overnight
> jhalfs build.
> # cat /mnt/LFS77/etc/lfs-release
> SVN-20150303
> Using linux-3.19.1, but the same occurs with linux-3.18.9 (same config
> minus some options nw in 3.19) and linux-3.15.8 very different config,
> taken from LFS7.1 (i686), loaded with make menuconfig, marked 64 bit and
> saved.

I don't really understand the problem.  Can you login or is it just a warning 
message?   How can I duplicate the problem?

   -- Bruce

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