[lfs-support] glibc tests fail

Yakir Sudry yakirsudry at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 03:14:13 PDT 2015

I'm using book version 7.7:

I followed the instructions carefully and (I think) everything was ok until
6.9, where I needed to build glibc in the chroot environment. I managed to
build it but the tests failed:

Summary of test results:
    867 FAIL
   1306 PASS
    202 XFAIL

There are 2 things I'm not completely sure about, and might be connected:
- So far I haven't applied any patches. This is due to the fact that at no
point the book said "apply patch" (Except for the glibc in step 6.9.1,
which I did). I also not sure to apply the patches, if needed (what
commandline to use, and in which directory)

- from stage 6.7 the book didn't explain where to build the packages. These
are packages linux-api, man-pages. I assumed that I should go into
/sources, extract it using "tar -xvf", go into the created directory, and
execute the commands. It seems to have worked.

Any Ideas?
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