[lfs-support] Email address variation.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 13:15:13 PDT 2015

Richard Melville wrote:
> Bruce, my email address, like many in the UK, started out as googlemail
> rather than gmail.  I'm signed up with LFS and BLFS with the original
> address.  At first that address appeared in my posts, but now it always
> shows as gmail, even though it is sent as googlemail.  This wouldn't be a
> problem if I was able to send as gmail, but doing this always triggers
> moderation.  What's the best way to link the googlemail address to the
> gmail address?
> Its just happened again :-(

I really don't know.  It's nothing that we are doing. Can you just sign up to gmail?

   -- Bruce

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