[lfs-support] boot error

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Sun Mar 8 05:00:11 PDT 2015

Hey guys,after 7 days work,my first "linux form scrach" is working,but there are some errors.
boot up got pause with messeage:


/lib/lsb/init-functions:line 621:/run/boot-log:Read-only filesystem
*****                                                                                    [ FAIL ]
There are some more line 611,line664,line675,and i can't find file /run/boot-log

You should not be  reading this error message.
It means that an unforeseen error took place in
which exited with a return value of 1.

How to fix this?

BTW,when i'm doing my lfs job,at page 39,      5.5. GCC-4.9.1 - Pass 1,if i issue the secend SED command,i won't be able to complete the compile,is that a bug?‍
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