[lfs-support] Framebuffers

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 17:54:39 PST 2015

Paul Rogers wrote:

> Grub-2.00 seems to ignore it.  It didn't seem to work when I tested it.
> I don't want to add GFXPAYLOAD until I understand how everything is
> supposed to work together.  BTW, neither LFS-7.2 nor 7.6 speak to using
> /etc/default/grub.

grub-2.00 is ancient and upstream is not specifying 'stabe' releases.  The most 
current is version 2.02~beta2 and that was about 15 months ago.  Most distros 
are using that.

The /etc/default/grub file is used for automatic generation of the grub.cfg 
file.  That's for distros that want to do all sorts of things like a graphics 
envronment, backgrounds, etc.   Their approach is that they know better than you 
do so don't dare try to edit grub.cfg yourself.

Our approach is to edit it manually.  Right now I use a grub.cfg that has 34 
lines.  Compare that to my wife's system using Mint.  grub.cfg there is 220 
lines -- and that is for only one real OS.  All that is junk for a screen that 
is only up for 5 seconds, if at all.

There are 12 lines for Debian that was my original host and 4 lines
for each LFS system (1 is a simple edit and one is a single right brace.)

>> Archlinux wiki is usually a good place. For Grub2, the preferred way
>> to set the resolution is using the gfx payload. vga= isn't supported.
> So I see, but I want to understand all the moving parts before I
> change something and call it good.  I may be fixing the symptom, not
> the disease.
>> For the kernel messages, I get a small font, but change that in the
>> boot scripts:
>> In either /etc/sysconfig/rc.site (my preference) or
> As I just wrote, IMO "simpler is better", or as Einstein said, "As
> simple as possible, but no simpler", and the (B)LFS bootscripts seemed
> to me more complicated than they need be.

If you think the LFS boot scripts are complicated, try systemd. At least you are 
free to change the LFS scripts.

I rewrote most of all of 'em.
> It gets the operational stuff done, but the structure and coding are to
> my mind and experience, simpler.
>> /etc/sysconfig/console I set FONT=ter-128n.  That is a terminus font
>> from http://terminus-font.sourceforge.net/.  They have a lot of sizes
>> available.
> Ok, that's another option.  So how do all these compare if I'm
> occasionally bouncing out of VT7 to another VT and back again?  What
> makes all the screen changes simpler and more glitch resistant?

If you use the LFS console boot script, all the consoles are changed.  BTW, the 
graphical system may not be VT7.  It depends on the number of gettys you launch.

   -- Bruce

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