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Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 3 22:39:39 PST 2015

> You may want to check, but I think the i7 processor has an Intel GPU
> on the chip.

This is neither here nor there for my question, but some do, some don't.
This is an i7-940, Socket LGA1366, "Tylersburg" X58 Express chipset. The
Socket LGA1156, [HPQ]5[57] chipsets have the integrated graphics.  This
video card is an odd duck--the reason I was given it--it's straight PCI,
not PCI Express!

I've read the Documentation/fb files, but they don't help me much.  I
need to understand the higher level use of framebuffers too.  I'm
thinking I may want to run this as a KVM virtual, so how does that play?
Of course Grub-2 wants to play with the framebuffer too, before the
kernel, which seems ripe for conflicts.  And then there's the userland
kb controls.  I just don't understand how everything plays together in
harmony. <snicker>  Google ain't helping much.  This is one of the
reasons I always avoided them.
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