[lfs-support] what is the purpose of && at the end of patching core utils?

Chris Susi chris at susi.net
Mon Mar 2 18:18:41 PST 2015

In 6.19, building coreutils the patch statement is:

  patch -Np1 -i ../coreutils-8.23-i18n-1.patch &&
  touch Makefile.in

If I'm reading this right, the "&&" doesn't add anything.  Is this
suppose to read

  patch -Np1 -i ../coreutils-8.23-i18n-1.patch && \
    touch Makefile.in

As it's written, it doesn't look like it makes a difference if it's
there or not, just puzzling that it's there.

  Chris Susi
  chris at susi.net

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