[lfs-support] e2fsprogs make error

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Tue Jun 23 13:55:06 PDT 2015

> On 23/06/2015 12:35 πμ, Sandeep Singh wrote:
> > Another thing I am not sure about is whether to keep the extracted
> > directories in the sources folders or to delete them. The book says
> > to delete them till otherwise indicated. I read on the linux
> > questions forum it is a good idea to keep them. What would be the
> > right thing to do?
> >
> Please do not top post. To follow the book of course.

I'm supposing the rationale of that wasn't too understandable, so let's
try again.

It's always BETTER to delete the failed directory and get a fresh one.
Why?  1) sometimes the book has instructions to patch files, which
presume a "clean" copy.  2) configure keeps stuff around which it may
use on the second try.  It may put something from the failed attempt
into subsequent attempts.  3) "make clean" only removes the stuff it was
told to, almost always just the files that would be installed, but it's
possible something that would make a second attempt fail could be left,
and 4) because that way you know it's clean source, not "messed up".

> Ok. About the top posting, I am still not able to comprehend this
> concept, I hope you would not mind throwing some light on it. What
> would be the correct way to post and are there any tools available for
> this as right now I am doing this posting from a web browser.

Because it makes for a more comfortable dialog.  As we read top down, we
get, first a point being made, then a reply relevant to that point, then
the next point followed by a reply relevant to it.  As I have done.

I just installed Thunderbird.  It has a configuration option for reply
on the top or bottom.

English is written left to right (because most people are right
handed and then the ink didn't smudge), top down.  Some people read
right to left, top down, some top down, right to left, but NOBODY
reads bottom up!  ;-)
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