[lfs-support] Regeneration of udev net rules

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 11:02:49 PDT 2015

Simon Geard wrote:
> On Thu, 2015-06-04 at 15:16 -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> You probably do not want a dhcp ip address on a headless
>> box because you need to know the ip address for ssh.
> Not quite - what you don't want is a *dynamic* IP address. There's
> no problem with using DHCP for managing the allocation of fixed IPs -
> most of the Linux machines at work are configured that way, because
> there's no per-machine configuration needed... just install a
> standard imageonto 40 machines, and register the MACs with the DHCP
> server.

That's true in a production environment, but in an environment where 
there are a lot of systems being built, it requires custom configuration 
on a separate dhcp server for every new system.

I think LFS generally qualifies as a lab environment, but I have used it 
for production.  In some cases, I did not have access to the dhcp server 
so the static IP address was the only way to go.

   -- Bruce

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