[lfs-support] GRUB configuration

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat Jun 6 14:03:13 PDT 2015

Le 06/06/2015 21:38, Pol Vangheluwe a écrit :
> I am building " lfs-branch-systemd” with ALFS on a PowerMac G4.
> The configue for “119-grub-2.02~beta2” fails with:
> checking for freetype-config... no
> configure: error: qemu, powerpc-ieee1275, coreboot and loongson ports needs
> build-time grub-mkfont (need freetype2 library)
> adding this didn’t help:
>             --disable-grub-mkfont
> Freetype is a topic of BLFS, so I am hesitating to install it right now
> (dependencies…).
> Any suggestion how to solve this?
> BTW: I actually don’t need GRUB, because I use yaboot as boot loader on a
> powerMac.  Is there a way to skip the grub build in ALFS?
> Or should I ask this question on the ALFS forum?
It is OK here. I think grub detects that the BIOS is PowerMac, and needs its
own fonts instead of relying on those of the BIOS. You should definitely skip it.

IIRC, with jhalfs, you need to remove the grub script:
rm /mnt/build_dir/jhalfs/lfs-commands/chapter06/119-grub

Then you run make, and tick "[ ] rebuild the Makefile (see help)".


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