[lfs-support] Regeneration of udev net rules

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Tue Jun 2 00:55:09 PDT 2015

Le 02/06/2015 02:41, Geoff Swan a écrit :
> I have a completed LFS system (7.5) on a server with 4 network ports.
> These are operating fine and the device names are bound to the hardware
> using the MAC addresses and the 70-persistent-net-rules configuration.
> However, when I move this OS drive to another similar server, the
> network devices fail to start because the definitions in the udev rule
> file are stilll bound to the MAC addresses of the previous hardware.
> The question is, is there a mechanism to allow the system to regenerate
> the rules file and bind the names to the new hardware devices
> automatically?
> Perhaps if the file was emptied before the OS drive being moved then it
> would be generated for the new hardware?
In LFS-7.7, there is a shell script "/lib/udev/init-net-rules.sh. Note 
sure you have it on 7.5, but you might be interested in having a look at 
that script.


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