[lfs-support] Regeneration of udev net rules

Geoff Swan gswan3 at bigpond.net.au
Mon Jun 1 17:41:14 PDT 2015

I have a completed LFS system (7.5) on a server with 4 network ports.
These are operating fine and the device names are bound to the hardware
using the MAC addresses and the 70-persistent-net-rules configuration.

However, when I move this OS drive to another similar server, the
network devices fail to start because the definitions in the udev rule
file are stilll bound to the MAC addresses of the previous hardware.

The question is, is there a mechanism to allow the system to regenerate
the rules file and bind the names to the new hardware devices

Perhaps if the file was emptied before the OS drive being moved then it
would be generated for the new hardware?

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